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Post  Devboi on Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:02 am

-Click on any plugin name to find out commands/info/tutorials-

You need to Log in to the Forum before the links will work!

-------------------------------------- Core Plugins ------------------------------



Right Click a bed twice to set your respawn point.
The /home command is not allowed.
If in a Faction you can /f home for 1G to return to the Faction Base.

You will receive your first Dragon Shout at spawn : Nahl
Say this in any chat channel to be brought back to the world spawn.

-Hero Chat-

You will start in New chat. Everybody in every world can hear this and will know you are new and may need help.
/ch g - This will put you in global chat, everybody in your world can hear you.
/ch l - This is local chat and can only be hear within 100 meters.
/ch help - create your own chat channel



>Elemental Powers<

(Only Members can choose an element. Apply on Member Application section of forum)


(You can choose to stay as Citizen and not get Tool/Armor restrictions but you will not get hero skills either)


/money ?

-Money Drop-

Gain Money Drops Off Mobs and Players

-Mining Cash-

Gain Cash From Mining Ores

------------------------------------- Functional Plugins --------------------------------

>Stained Glass<

>Painted Stone<

>Custom Slabs<

>Showcase Shops<

>Quantum Connectors - Wireless Redstone<


>Post Office<

Speak to Admin/Mod about getting a Post Box


Build Amazing redstone powered structures!


Automated Machines (Substitute for Tekkit Very Happy)


Create your own NPC's

---------------------------------------- Fun Plugins -------------------------------------

>Dragon Shouts<

(Find Dragon temples hidden around the map to learn new shouts)


Gold Plate = Jetpack
Gold Boots = No Fall Damage
Coal In Hand = Fuel

>Spout Instant Camera<

-Dr Who Regeneration-

(Every 60mins you get a second chance at life. If you were to die your second heart would kick in and you would regenerate with a BANG ;D)

>New Food Items to Cook<

>Mob Rider<

>Custom Jukebox's<

(unable to use repeater chip...yet)

>Adaptive Camo<

>Fast Paths<

>Spiky Blocks<

-Mine Cars-

Wool = Road
Iron Fence = Curb
Minecart = Car
Coal in Inventory = Fuel

>Elemental arrows<

Craft like normal arrows ;D


Craft Guns Like the SDK Mod
Tutorials + Recipe's Coming Soon
Ask Players on the server for more info...

-----------------ADDED SPOUT MATERIALS/BLOCKS/DECORATIONS----------------------

Scroll Down Materials Pages For The Crafting Recipes

>Vanity Blocks<
>Inn Keeper<
>Wheat Bale<
>Modern Food<
>Battle Axe<

(Any Uncraftable Materials you want - Ask a Mod To Buy Some)



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